Refund Policy

As a general rule, fees are nonrefundable, and we don’t provide refunds or credits. Note that some subscription fees require minimum commitments. In those cases, we can’t cancel your subscription until you’ve fulfilled the minimum commitment. If you decide to pass through any subscription fees to your customers, you cannot mark-up the fees.

1.             Fees.  Your use of the Platform is subject to the timely payment of all Fees. Fees may change from time to time. All Fees are exclusive of Communication Surcharges. You will pay all Communications Surcharges associated with your use of the Platform. Communications Surcharges will be shown as a separate line item on an invoice.  All Fees and Communications Surcharges are nonrefundable. Fees will be billed to the credit card we have on file.  Fees for subscriptions will be billed in advance of Services. You agree to provide us with accurate and complete billing information (name, address, credit card information, and phone number) and notify us of any changes within 10 days of the change.

2.             Noncancellable Fees. Some subscriptions for Services require a non-cancellable minimum subscription commitment which cannot be canceled until the commitment is fulfilled. Fees for such non-cancellable minimum subscription commitments will continue to be automatically applied to your bill until the minimum commitment has been achieved.

3.             No Mark Ups. You may not mark-up or increase any SaaSFusion Fees that you pass through to Your customers or third parties. You are solely responsible for all pass-through Fees and related expenses, including but not limited to refunds and charge backs of such pass-through Fees. SaaSFusion is not responsible for resolving issues or disputes between You and Your customers regarding pass-through Fees.

4.             Taxes.  You are exclusively responsible for taxes and other governmental assessments (“Taxes”) associated with your use of the Platform, including all Taxes associated with transactions you conduct with your customers.  SaaSFusion may collect Taxes from you as part of the Fees as legally required or as SaaSFusion deems appropriate, and all SaaSFusion determinations regarding what Taxes to collect are final.  SaaSFusion may recalculate and collect additional Taxes from you if it determines at any point that they are due.  You will indemnify SaaSFusion for all Claims related to Taxes that are associated with your activities on the Platform, including any Taxes related to your transactions with your customers as further described below. Taxes are nonrefundable.

5.             Overdue Amounts.  If, for any reason, your credit card company declines or otherwise refuses to pay the amount owed for the Services you have purchased, you agree that we may suspend or terminate your use of the Platform and/or delivery of Services and may require you to pay any overdue Fees and other amounts incurred (including any third-party chargeback fees or penalties) by other means acceptable to us.  In the event legal action is necessary to collect on balances due, you agree to reimburse us for all expenses incurred to recover sums due, including attorney fees and other legal expenses.

6.             Payment Disputes.  You will notify us in writing within sixty (60) days of the date we bill you for any invoiced Fees or charges that you wish to dispute.  You must pay all invoiced Fees and charges while the dispute is pending or you waive the right to pursue the dispute.  Where you are disputing any Fees or charges, you must act reasonably and in good faith and cooperate diligently with us to resolve the dispute.  All SaaSFusion determinations regarding your obligation to pay invoiced Fees and charges are final.

7.             No Refunds or Credits.  Except as described below, all Fees assessed by SaaSFusion are non-refundable. You are solely responsible for any excess Fees incurred by You as a result of an error or omission made by You or a third party. SaaSFusion does not provide Fee refunds or credits for such errors or omissions, or for partially used or unused Platform or Services subscriptions.  If you sign up for a subscription but do not access the Service or Platform, you are still responsible for all Fees during the term of your subscription. Except as may be required by law, SaaSFusion reserves the right to issue or deny a refund or credit in its sole and absolute discretion, at any time, for any reason, and SaaSFusion’s determination of if and when to issue or deny a refund or credit is final.

8.             Cancellations. You are solely responsible for the cancellation of Services associated with your account, and you will be responsible for all Fees incurred until such cancellation occurs. No refunds will be provided for your failure to properly cancel the Services associated with your account.

9.             Your Responsibility For Financial Transactions. You are solely responsible for all financial transactions you and your customers engage in on the Platform or using the Services, including transactions conducted using billing tools enabled by the Services.  You are exclusively responsible for all chargebacks related to activities of you and your customers, regardless of the reason for the chargeback.